What we saw at Geelong beach as well as the secluded beach

This is a photo essay about our trip to Geelong beach and the lovely secluded spot that we missed out on last time. Words cannot describe all. So we decided on a photo essay as the best way

WP_20160107_13_09_39_Pro WP_20160107_13_12_09_Pro WP_20160107_13_13_07_Pro WP_20160107_13_21_36_Pro WP_20160107_13_24_09_Pro WP_20160107_13_28_29_Pro WP_20160107_13_30_19_Pro WP_20160107_14_01_21_Pro WP_20160107_14_14_35_Pro WP_20160107_14_16_03_Pro WP_20160107_14_20_08_Pro WP_20160107_14_20_17_Pro WP_20160107_14_26_10_Pro


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