Product review: Devondales’ new milkshake range with F1 shake

Devondale is a dairy company which has butter, cheese, milk and yoghurt. They are known for their creaminess. So when the milkshake came on the market I really wanted to give this a go. When I saw their lovely design on the cup I was transported back to a country fair in the US.


I got it at Woolworths for $2.99. These shakes are only available from Woolworths and I bought mine from the metro store. They come in five flavours: Coffee, Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.

I bought the Strawberry one. The shake was not too thick and not too sweet. It has about 13 g of protein and for a woman who needs a lot of muscle and a gym goer this is not much. Hence we added Vanilla F1 shake to the mix. You can buy the shake powder from us. Just contact us via email to find out how.

Try it for yourself.


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