Students are always underpaid

In Melbourne many of you are looking for part time work to pay for your tuition and living costs. Many students don’t know of their rights when they are working in Australia. The minimum wage is about $20 depending on the industry that you are working for. The wage is set by the Fair Work Ombudsman and it goes up every year.

Being underpaid is no joke as it may put a strain on the student’s mind and definitely their finances. I have known students to not sleep well and study hard because they are worried about their finances

In the latest case from Meld, Mamak is found to be underpaying students. Its a popular eatery yet students are being underpaid by $11 an hour. The owners have been taken to court over this.

7-11 is a franchise store which employs hundred of International students. Last year they had the biggest wage scam where students were being paid $8-$12 an hour and they were made to work long hours.

Cleaning companies
Many of them like Swan and ISS and other outsourced companies are always underpaying cleaners and making cleaners work after hours. Cleaners clean the place and they usually do a good job of it. The last time there was such a protest as at MCG a few years back. And then there was the one at Myer where they were being paid $10-$15 an hour.


If you any problem about your pay and that you tried to bring it up with the employer don’t be afraid to go to the Fair Work Ombudsman for help. Lets put an end to this.


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