Amazonia’s raw protein powder

Amazonia was first featured at the Health and Fitness expo and I sampled some. I really liked it so I bought some at GNC Livewell for $40.


It is nutty and like the natures own brown rice powder. Here this is perfect with milk or on its own. I was full after eating it. It has a little bit of cinnamon in it as well as the sweetness from the cacao. It has no added sugar and no dairy which is good if you are trying to lose weight or are intolerant.

As such there is no whey in it. Rather the protein is from chickpeas which is a great source. Someone talked about how bad whey can be for some people, this is much better for those that can’t tolerate whey too much.

Also this is an organic powder hence this is $10 more expensive than the normal whey powders.

But I have liked the chocolatey flavour and with the water added it is great. It is better to not add any milk to this as you will likely gain weight.

Do buy the powder from major health  food stores.


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