Week ten of Melbourne Marathon training by Akira

This week I lost about 1 kg of muscle due to the very hardcore training that we do. We also lost a lot of water during this time.


We found out in Runner’s world that the ideal weight is 70-80kgs per runner and that body fat is about 10-20% per runner. Katherine felt fat sometimes but is not. I am about 85 kgs and Katherine is about 51 kgs. Katherine weighs herself weekly at home or at Shape up. I on the other hand don’t weigh myself regularly and I should.

Been watching the sychonised swimming on YouTube and decided to follow their moves to work onmy core. Mine and Katherine’s core is pretty bad. I do Zumba but still… not great. So this week we practised our cores really hard and still lost that muscle. Damm. But at least we are burning 600-750 calories each and sweating lots.


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