Week 10 of the Marathon: Setting goals

Over Christmas we ate too much food and it was too hot. Hence there was not much exercise this week. Rather it was more about setting goals for the new year


What is our mission? Our mission is to help people to lose weight easily and keep it off. Way too many people in Melbourne are plump and many are unhappy with what they have got.

What did we do to achieve this mission in 2016? Not much just starting the site and running marathons.

What are our goals for 2017?

  • Run a Melbourne marathon in a time of 4:30 hours.
  • Convince people that running the Melbourne Marathon is achievable. Whilst not free its a good way to keep the weight off. Many people make new years resolutions and then they don’t stick to it as they see themselves as ugly.
  • Become a pacer for that marathon for fun

Success is always at the beginning. It is a progressive thing.

We worry about ketosis and losing our mind but with the right nutrition it can help. Ketosis is a metabolic proccess where the body does not have enough glucose for energy. We have never really tested glucose before. We often eat about 1700-2300 cal more than enough.



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