X50 tea

This is a product review and one of my favourite sports products as it keeps you hydrated. Here it burns 40 calories per cup.


X50 Teas are from a company called Tribecca Health. They specialise in sports nutrition, weight loss, detox products and hydration. My X50 tea is in a water bottle like it should be.

Most of their products have green tea extracts in them and an ingredient called Dextrin which is a fiber that claims to have many health benefits. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetner

There are seven flavours: tropical, raspberry, mango, peach ,green tea, chocolate, pina colada and coffee. I don’t like the coffee one but I liked all the fruity ones. I also liked the green tea one for taste. The pina colada one is always in lumps even after I stir it.

It is best to drink it just before a workout or during one as they have a lot of sugar in these. But according to myfitnesspal they only have 1 g of sugar in there. But don’t have it all the time as it causes a few skin reactions for some people.


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