Week 28 of Marathon training by Akira

I got some itchy lumps on my leg. It might be chafing. It is so annoying.

Ran 7km in a little over an hour and it was dark. Nearly slipped on a piece of uneven road.

Went to yoga for the first time. Found it really hard to balance at first but after a while I will get this. I find that I learn most exercises in a class environment with the teacher there.

Did my first boxing session in months and gosh it is bad.

Did my first actual competitive spin and boy was that bad at 19.9-23.9km per hour. Imagine doing my race this slow.

Conquered my fear of the balloons. It took me many tries to do this but this is the week that I conquered them.

Then on Friday I ran an easy run of 10kms in the dark. It wasn’t too bad this time since there was no uneven ground. But at the start there were people to contend with as it was in the city.

Sunday’s long run was at Gardiners trail where it consisted of some slow parts. Here it was a lovely place to pat the dogs and enjoy the scenery.  I still kept to my pace of 8-9min miles but it rained a little bit in the middle and I had to walk to not lose my balance. Also I got lost along the way due to incorrect signage and nearly ended up in Balwyn. Luckily I took the train to Camberwell and went from there.

Right now it is Autumn. I’m not sure why my flatmate loves to have the heater on when it is not that cold outside. Our nights are between 5-11C and our days are not too bad. I don’t feel  cold though. As a runner we move and we warm up easily.


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