Week 37 of Marathon Training

My partner ” Its so cold late at night I don’t want you to go out”

Me ” I’m fine with this!”

In fact I have gotten used to running in the cold during the winter. I did it so much last year and I enjoyed every bit of it. I didn’t mind going out there for a run when it was freezing cold or I had a cold. In fact I run best in the cold.

Most of the marathoners do the same thing. They workout at the gym and then they run. And most of us don’t mind and can bear the cold. And there were people that ran on Saturday morning when it was only 1C along the river.

So to the partner who is a whimp, suck it up!

In fact on Tuesday’s run I ran 10km just fine except for that one teeny tiny problem of St Kilda Road being chaos with people not quite knowing where to go. The trams were so full at 5:40pm and then after a while the mayhem died down.

Hence I started slow. And I was rewarded a free Kombucha for my efforts by Yarra Trams. And so was everyone else for their patience and understanding. Although not everyone was understanding about the Metro tunnel works.

So whilst at Domain Road waiting for the people to pass by I went into Orient Express for a $5 wine and that seemed to work well in making sure that I run faster.

Then I had to decide on a snack and that was a $2 sausage roll from 7-11.

The Thursday run was quite alright to Jam Factory where I watched the Superhero movie. This was one of my better runs.

And then on Friday I went to Geelong for their Tastes of Central Geelong event which goes for three weeks. So there I tried out the Ironman course which is flat for most of the way. This a recovery run and a great way to take in some of the sights.

Then on Sunday I went for a long run of 26 kms which took me past the Point Ormond and Beaconsfield Parade. It was so windy and the sea was a bit rough hence being slow mo. But I felt good. I even stopped in at Prahran Markets Truffle festival for a bit of fun. I love going there on Sunday and the hype.

My flatmate gave me these new tablets which are supposed to be beneficial for exercise. I took one this morning and it gave me strength.

I was supposed to meet a friend at Lentils in St Kilda but he was one hour late and I had to get back to the course. If I waited for them for one hour I would not have been able to finish. So I went without them. Which I did not mind as I enjoyed the food.  Here they had curry and rice

A question: would you wait for a friend who is always late for an hour?


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