The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour is a movie about Winston Churchill’s time in Parliament and how he changed the world. It is set in World war 2 in Britain where the British troops are fighting France and Germany.


The movie is directed by Joe Wright who directed Atonement.

Gary Oldman stars as Winston Churchill and he does a brilliant job of playing a man who defies all odds and wants to “Conquer All” He has a few friends and a few enemies. The movie is all about negotiations with Germany and making peace or fighting for freedom and liberalism.  In the end he decides to fight against all odds and change history forever.

Lily James was great as Elizabeth Layton. She was emotional and was Winston’s secretary. Winston confided in her a bit.

Kristin Scott Thomas played Clementine his wife who was emotional at times.

Do see the movie when it comes out on January 11th.

What is my most Darkest Hour/year and how did I go about changing this?

My most Darkest year is in 2014 where my close cousin died due to cancer and I put on 20 kgs of weight. And that is not in a good way. I think most of you would resonate with the second one. Being a food blogger and being number 1 at the time, I was eating too much food. I was also being invited to potluck parties and didn’t understand the relationship between food and boy

At the end of 2014 I joined the gym and in 2016 ran my first half marathon and had lots of fun. I beat against all odds. Now I have the confidence to run a fair few races. Now I also would love to inspire people to become a happier healthier version of themselves.

In 2018 I would like to apply for the Churchill foundation in hopes that I will reduce the rate of obesity in Australia and turn Australia into a much happier and healthier place.


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