Moodiment week!

This week was to support Beyond Blue at my local Fitness First. Here members can bring in one guest for free

It was an open house to support Beyond Blue. Look there were times that I struggled with anxiety and had it had not been for the gyms and marathons I would not be able to conquer all. This week was time for some anxiety awareness.

There wasn’t a lot of activities at my Fitness first but many members brought in a guest and there were some new memberships. Most new members wanted to lose some weight and wanted to give the bikes a try.

During this week I went out for many runs and ate a lot of good food. It was the week before the holidays so everything was pandemonium at work. But I managed to steady myself in the process. And I managed to stay on top of things that week.

That week I went to my local free dinner and mingled with the other people. It was their birthday and there were balloons around. Now you might know that I am scared of balloons and loud noises. But I managed to conquer all by not thinking about it.

Then Thursday was RU Ok day and here I talked with my friend. I also fit in another run as well as stretching at the gym.

And then Friday was more stretches and fun before the weekend.


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