About us

This is Katherine and Akira who founded healthy International students and their small business at Herbalife. Come and support us as we do take you through this lifelong journey to amazing health and well being. We have a few friends who want to lose some weight on the cheap.


The blog is about eating and exercising healthily and using the products in the right way. About 80% of people online use the products the wrong way. Herbalife is a huge company in over 94 countries all over the world and it is all about communities and healthy lifestyles which is about 80% nutrition, 20% exercise and 100% mindset. It started in 1984 in the US. Last year alone they earned about $7.8 billion in sales. The company has done extensive research and their products are safe for people to use.

About 7 out of 10 Australians are obese these days due to bad diet and no exercise. Many people are not happy with their lifestyle and want a change. International students put on a lot of weight in their first two semesters and many of them are looking to lose that weight.

Occasionally we love to have that one cheeky meal outside and that will be posted here.

Do buy these amazing products off us after a free consultation online with us. It is quick and simple. No startup costs.

Our achievements:

2016- 21.1km Melbourne Marathon

2016- 14km City to surf

2016- 21.1km Carmens race

2017- 12 km Sri Chinmoy race in 1hr and 25 mins a new record.

2017- 10.5km Sri Chinmoy race in 1hr and 20 mins

To businesses: you can send some products our way as we love to review new products. You can follow Katherine online at: chiukatherine on Instagram.com. She has about 287 followers.  We also have Twitter and you can follow us there. On Twitter we have about 263 followers.