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Daley & Co

Daley and co have just opened up in the same place as Shape up. I have walked by it for some time but had not gone in. Moreover they were still settling down.

I went there for a coffee the other day and enjoyed it. Now I am back for lunch. Normally this would go on a food blog but seeing as this is a salad/health food place I figured it would be better put here. Go figure.

Here they have lovely staff that will assist with your decision and you can put all meals with a salad. Most of their meals is $12 and under. The waitresses were friendly to everyone.

For a Thursday lunchtime there were steady but not busy. Most people went to other eateries around that area.

The chef had gone home so I was not able to try out their egg dishes. Moreover Daley and co had just started on social media.

I got the salmon bagel with a feta and beetroot salad which was freshly made. Here I loved that they did not use the canned beetroot but fresh beetroot which is less sweet. They also use lemon in their bagel which I do not like. I just don’ like the tanginess of lemon in a bagel.

My friend loved his sausage roll. They are big and filling. And he enjoyed his pasta salad. Pity they didn’t have chips that day. If you are around that area, why not check out this place and Shape up upstairs?

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Super Eight cafe

Super Eight cafe is in Peter Mac hospital and is said to be a healthy place for all the cancer patients and their visitors as well as the hospital staff. It is a big cafe within a stone’s thorw away from the tram stop.

At 10am they were frantically busy like other cafes within the hospital precinct. Here most people went for lattes and crossaints and got theirs to take away. There was a huge queue at the coffee counter.  I, on the other hand love eating in as I can savour my food and drink slowly and take in the atmosphere.

Here I love my egg wraps, but as such don’t like bacon in it. So I asked them to take out the bacon and they forgot. I didn’t mind taking it out myself. The good thing is that there is no sauce in it as sauce is added sugar. Bacon is just added animal fat which is not needed.

My soy latte was a little bit bitter though. It was a bit burnt. Last time I went there I had a better barista and they put the artwork on there.

Do come to Super Eight whenever you are waiting or visiting someone in the hospital.


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Woolworths late night dinner service

Healthyinternational students site got a Gift card free to the value of $10 to try stuff at Woolies. This piece is not influenced in any way.

Woolworths is open from early in the morning until late at night and they always have a lot of ready meals such as salads, pies, sushi and stuff. I have tried their salads and I love the chickpea salad from the Salad Servers which have a good amount of chickpeas and onion.


You help yourself to whatever food that you want and then you go and pay. Paying is simple really. The Woolworths that I went to has mostly self service checkouts but there are people behind the counters too if you need any help.

I have had their pies before and they are awesome. They are filling and are quite warm. The pastry is thick but not doughy. They are messy to eat with hands and I have made messes. Their thai chicken pie is good for a winters day. All the pies are $4.50 each.

Their sushi on the other hand is just ok. They are freshly made in house but they are uber expensive at $10-$15 a small plate. A roll will set you back about $3 for not much. I tried their tempura sushi rolls and they were soggy and fell apart. But at least it was cold.

They do have drinks but it is only of the sweet kind or plain water. I have plain water and I can’t have sugar. Drinks are normally $4- $6 depending on what you buy. And no they don’t do coffee or tea at nighttime. By 8pm the cafe is usually closed at Southern Cross and at Flinders. There are a few other branches in Melbourne’s CBD but they are not as big as Southern cross.

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The Welcome Dinner project by Akira

Now I love to cook and cook lots I have. Therefore the Welcome Dinner Project is a great idea. It was started a few years ago by Ellis when she wanted to welcome new people into her home and her Australian way of life. Others were looking for the same thing. Hence that is how the Welcome Dinner Project started.


And it is successful. So successful that they have organised events in Footscray and Carlton. I went to the one in Carlton and I didn’t know that I had to buy food (as I thought that my partner owed me food and thought that they were coming). Normally I would have cooked a Japanese dish but bread and dip had to make do instead.

It is like this: everyone brings a dish from their home country and then they explain what is in that dish and the story behind it. It starts off with a few get to know you activities, then introductions to the food brought and then eating.

Everyone sits at a large communual table and these events attract 20-30 people, most of which are migrants but there are some that are students.

And sharing. I love Meld community’s nasi lemak. I have always been a fan of this dish since they introduced it a few years back at one of their twirlight market days. And Malaysia house makes it for their Hari Raya sometimes.

And then there is dessert for those that love to bake. But for some people they can’t have too much sugar. The facilitators will bring the drinks and the snacks such as popcorn and pretzels.

I enjoy trying everyone’s dishes and do sign up to the Welcome dinner project here. Its free to join it. But the Welcome dinner project would love a donation to cover the cost of these events.

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Healthy Lifestyle Lounge in the City

There is a Healthy Lifestyle Lounge in Melbourne’s CBD just outside of Flinders st station on Elizabeth st. Here not only do they sell smoothies but they also sell lifestyle lessons and healthy advice. You do need a referral though and here is ours. Our email is: if you do want to get in touch.


They are open for lunch from 12:30pm-1:30pm most weekdays and on weekends they are not open but you can purchase products from the contact above.  Each of their smoothies has about 34 grams of protein in them. This is about 1/3 of your recommended daily intake for protein. They are not a substitute for wholefood though. You still need your wholefood and exercise each day.

All of their staff are friendly and they know your name.

Do email us if you want to come to this and their Fitclubs. Their Facebook page is here



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Ordering off Menulog is quite simple and you can do it in your pj’s in your hotel room. Most hotels have free WI-FI service and you can opt for pickup or delivery. With delivery though there is a certain fee charged and a minimum must be spent.

Having said that there is a first time order discount at each of the individual restaurants. I ordered from Wise Guys on Park St in South Melbourne and they were fine in delivering the goods. Actually I opted for pickup and they did not disappoint despite the unfriendly service. Another person had to wait about five minutes for her pizza order. With Menulog you can choose the time that you want to pick up your order. And for some places you can opt to pay for cash. With pickup there is no minimum spend.

Wise Guys is a pizza and pasta joint which focuses mainly on takeaway. Here I got a takeaway pasta for $11.70 ($13 normally but with the 10% discount, I got $1.30 off my meal. Here the pasta was al dente but there was too much sauce. I had the spinach and cheese ravioli which was quite nice. It had lots of veg in there.

Because it was nice and sunny outside (it was a spring day with no rain), I enjoyed the goods in the park nearby whilst watching the dogs play. It was really fun there

Do order off menulog if you have no time.

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Noisette is a French bakery in Port Melbourne. Here they do the finest bread and I have been to the one in Prahran Market. Because I am on the quit sugar month I could not have any of that sweet stuff. So instead with my Scoopon I bought a loaf of raisin bread for people as well as a salted caramel pod for someone.

The Scoopon was $8 for $15 to spend.


The bathrooms are just behind the counter and they are clean. The service there was very friendly and the lady smiled. There is an eat in area.

The bad was great and it was not too sweet. Here it was thick to cut and it still stayed fresh in the fridge after a week. But boy it was heavy to carry.

Do come to Noisette for your baked goods.

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Bing Boy by Akira

Bing Boy is a chain store all over Australia selling Asian bings. A bing is aegg type pancake. They used to have just wheat ones but now you can get gluten free for a $1. They also do bowls now.

They used to only just do bings but now they do dumplings of all sorts such as pork and prawn and the baos. Out of the baos I really enjoy the custard bao as this is always nice. I like mine to be sweet.

They do iced teas as well, but I’ve never been a fan of these. I can make better at home.

You order, pay and then you watch them make the bing for you. Also whilst waiting you can try sample bings which are in a small container.

Your bing is big and it comes with this really nicely designed paper.

I’ve often enjoyed the salmon bing as that has a lot of omega 3 and protiens which is important for building muscle and lots of it.


This time I tried the new tofu one and it was sickly sweet from all the red bean in there. Furthermore it had no rice in there which is what I was expecting. I couldn’t taste the tofu much. But I really did enjoy the pork and prawn dumplings. These were very nice and it took away some of the sweetness of the bing. It was $2.90 for three and $4.90 for 6.

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SOV club by Akira

SOV club is the Singaporean club for Singaporean Students of Victoria. Here they represent all Singaporean students and they organise many things for them. To join them you need to become a member of your own University’s club.Here I was invited by Katherine to attend and it was only $20 for a few plates of food and the Tarik.

The event took place at Old Town Kopitiam in the city. I have been there a few times and loved their Nasi Lemak. So when Katherine asked me I said yes.

mee Goreng. Image courtesy of chiukatherine on Instagram


The food  reminds me of Singapore. Sadly they didn’t have the roti cannai and I had to wait ages for food. But the wait was worth it. I loved their noodles and fried rice. Although I would have liked Biryani rice as I love the sultanas.

I also favoured their fried chicken.

The teh Tarik was really strong and that was the only drink on offer.

But still it was a good chance to mingle with everyone on a footy night and talk about footy and other things with the other people.


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lets move 365: Sams Boatshed

Sam’s Boatshed is a boat hire place as well as a café. It was a sunny day when I went and it was after a run when I was all hot and sweaty. I needed some water to replace the fluids that I lost.

This is outside at Albert Park and its dog friendly. Moreover you can enjoy watching the boats. You can also hire boats for as little as $15. This is a nice way to enjoy some tea and ice cream.

They have a few different flavours and they have sorbet. Here I had my usual blood orange and lemon for $5.50 for two. For one its $4

You can also pat some lovely dogs whilst there.

Do visit here on a relaxing  day out

Address for Sam’s Boatshed
3 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park Victoria 3206
03 9686 2571