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Week 33 of marathon training

Have to be used to running in wet clothes and wearing them. The marathon may be wet and windy and its usually not cancelled when it is just that. So I usually wash my clothes the day before and wear them slightly damp. This is so that I can get used to the concept of being uncomfortable and not have chafing come race day.

The short run was good but the gym session was not so. My legs felt heavy and I haven’t been sleeping well. My body hasn’t quite got used to the cold temperature. It is winter in Melbourne  hence the temperatures are between 4-15C.

Winter is the time where all the homeless come out to play. The city streets are filled with such people and such violence at night. I sometimes get scared. This is usually on the popular streets where all the restaurants are.

The Sunday long run was great but I ran out of energy in the middle. I was getting quite hungry by the end. I didn;t have enough money on me or snacks. Went great and got 7.03 minutes per km for the first few kms. And then it went a little bit slower.  I was supposed to do 23 kms but because I had no energy at the end and was hungry,  I only did 21km.

Went past Bridge Road. It was good going up and down all those hills, but Birdge Road seemed a little bit quieter than a usual Sunday full of tourists. Some of the shops are for lease and there are some rennovations going on. But there were a few new restaurants around the area.

Went up Chapel st and it was busy at lunchtime with many of those going to eat at one of the trendy cafes. I went to Prahran market and tried out lots of samples. I wanted to see it for myself.

Then at St Kilda’s Fitzroy st there were a few roving performers as it was the Fitzroy st celebration. Many bars had happy hours at this time.

I also checked out the pier at Kereford st and it was awesome on a day like today. Most people went fishing here

And Runners world was right about taking protein on rest days. I did just that and I felt stronger today. This is one way to make sure that the muscles are recovered from a run.

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Week 32 of Marathon training by Akira

I think I may be allergic to dairy. This morning I had milk and last night I had yoghurt and I kept on coughing and I spewed this morning. I just finished my period. I think I have too much too frequently in the last few days.

Either that or I have too much fiber. I can’t have had too much fiber according to myfitnesspal.

In this week’s meditation we learned that life has its ups and downs and that there are many stressors throughout the day. This is quite normal and we just have to deal with it. Whether it is a fight or not.

My short run was just fine. It was 8km with not a lot of walk breaks. Yoga was all about stretching and lifting- something that I have difficulty with. I have difficulty with balancing.

At the end of that run one mentally ill lady scared me on a busy Clarendon st in South Melbourne. It was such a rare occurance which made me think more about the Salvos and the good work that they do. So if you can please buy a book off us and help the Salvos achieve their goals.

This week’s gym session was good but not great. It could have been a lot better if I had eaten more food and not thrown up. But oh well there is next week and I burnt 250 calories just by spinning.

This weeks long run had been great. I felt like I had a lot of energy and lots to give. I did at one point pee on myself in my pants but that was because there was no toilet anywhere to do so.

On the first part I took it too slow- this was due to drinking too much alcohol at the food and wine event. It was mainly for a tasting. Then along the way we passed by the Hawkers Bazaar in Malaysia Hall. Then we took a look. Here there were a lot of meal items for $6-$8. Not bad but if your run is finishing late then it is not a good idea.

Then we took a detour along Chapel st to St Kilda. It was fun and very vibrant for a Sunday afternoon.

At night Point Ormond Hill looks great. It is hard to see but I enjoy the eerie side of things. I don’t enjoy the horns though along St Kilda Road but oh well. At least they are not horning me.

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Week 28 of Marathon training by Akira

I got some itchy lumps on my leg. It might be chafing. It is so annoying.

Ran 7km in a little over an hour and it was dark. Nearly slipped on a piece of uneven road.

Went to yoga for the first time. Found it really hard to balance at first but after a while I will get this. I find that I learn most exercises in a class environment with the teacher there.

Did my first boxing session in months and gosh it is bad.

Did my first actual competitive spin and boy was that bad at 19.9-23.9km per hour. Imagine doing my race this slow.

Conquered my fear of the balloons. It took me many tries to do this but this is the week that I conquered them.

Then on Friday I ran an easy run of 10kms in the dark. It wasn’t too bad this time since there was no uneven ground. But at the start there were people to contend with as it was in the city.

Sunday’s long run was at Gardiners trail where it consisted of some slow parts. Here it was a lovely place to pat the dogs and enjoy the scenery.  I still kept to my pace of 8-9min miles but it rained a little bit in the middle and I had to walk to not lose my balance. Also I got lost along the way due to incorrect signage and nearly ended up in Balwyn. Luckily I took the train to Camberwell and went from there.

Right now it is Autumn. I’m not sure why my flatmate loves to have the heater on when it is not that cold outside. Our nights are between 5-11C and our days are not too bad. I don’t feel  cold though. As a runner we move and we warm up easily.

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Week 26 of Marathon training

Am thinking about doing Boston in 2019. To do Boston I would need to do a marathon or a half under 3 hours and 30 mins to qualify and I haven’t got there yet.

Why I want to do Boston might you ask? Its exciting and something different to everyday running.  Boston marathon is the most talked about marathon in the southern hemisphere other than Melbourne Marathon.

Watched the Sisterhood of the Travelling pants and they made me feel powerful. The one thing I learned is don’t judge a book by its cover. No one is perfect and there is happiness. But you just have to find your happy place.

Have started going back to the gym again this time for strength exercises and to learn about how they operate. Am thinking about teaching some of you guys. Do you have any people who are desperate to lose weight? Do you have any exercise that you recommend I do?

After a few strength exercises started performing much better on Friday and with less sore legs and less out of breath.

Went to the Colour Run on Saturday and it was a madhouse in there. You had to line up for a lot of things such as the bathroom. Therefore would need to work out a strategy for Melbourne Marathon as to going to the bathroom. There arent many bathrooms on course and there are long lines.  About 3000 people came to Flemington Racecourse.

Also saw that they let people off in waves which that was cool of them. The vibe at the start line was heaps of fun. Also all the glow lights were just as fun. If Melbourne marathon were to happen at night then it would be heaps more fun.

I have some sort of runner anxiety and this impacted on Sunday’s long run. Sunday’s long run was a slow 19km. This anxiety is about not being able to finish a 42.2km which I know that I promised you guys that I can do.

Also the diet of having all junk food on Saturday (two meals out to be exact) played a huge impact. When we do long runs it tests our nutrition for the week. If it is not good then neither is the run.

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Why you should join this year’s Melbourne Marathon

Melbourne Marathon is an iconic running event where it attracts thousands of people. Each year all the universities participate in this and there are teams. There are prizes for the best team and the best team player. There are also cash prizes for the fastest runner in each category.


You do have to be committed to training and not give up when the study gets in the way. You will need to organise your training times and sacrifice some of your free time. Most people can expect to spend about 4-5 hours during the weekends for their long runs.

The best part of it is that you get to see Melbourne for free during your training and when you train at night you can see lots of the night life for free. Eg: the Crown casino fire balls which happen nightly.

If you join your uni’s team there might be free food for you as well as massages and other giveaways.


Joining your university’s team also gives you a chance to contribute to their score and will help them to win a prize. This is a great chance to meet some new people outside of your course. Most of the people you meet might become your running buddies for a long time.

Registering for this year’s Melbourne Marathon is between $50- $200 depending on how far you want to run. You can register here. If you register it is a lot of fun and you’ll get some goodies at the end, plus a free ticket to a couple of events like the Taste of Melbourne which you can enjoy with friends.

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Week 21 of Marathon training

Sunday was a warm day and as usual there is a lot of scratching going on. I ran at 11am where it is the hottest. That dry skin on arms is from being exposed too much to the hot sun. And those pimply things are known as the runner’s acne (sweat induced acne). I just have to remember to wash those arms after being in the sun and running. And twilight is the best time for me as it is cooler than the middle of the day.


And then I tried baby cream on my dry areas at night. Seemed to be just fine with no irritation. I have sensitive skin by the way.

As for my new shoes I got used to them and my laces don’t become untied every two seconds like they used to. Yippee!

Having your period can have some special challenges as a runner. Unfortunately I don’t do so well in that area so I’m really going to have to step it up a notch. I eat well but when it comes to iron I fall apart. Each period I lose so much iron and water.

As for the hydration it is not as great as it used to be. Now I am getting very brown pee especially early in the morning. Now I need to drink about 8L-10L per day.


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Week 20 of marathon training by Akira

This week is not too bad. I did 104 kms in Feburary this year and then 21kms so far. I have been logging all my runs on a spreadsheet and most of them on Fitbit app. I also have been wearing my Fitbit daily. This helps to count the number of kms I have been walking or running and then plan my training around that.


Dang I still have the same bone problem of it being a 2.1kg of bone in my body. I used to be 2.2kgs of bone mass. What happened? I am still getting the same amount of calcium in my bones.

Tried running after a glass of strong red and chardonay to say that it didn’t work in the at least. I was hungover and less energetic. I could not focus. The pace was fast at 7min per km but the focus was not there. Lets just that I won’t be doing Sharpays Beer run which is about drinking beer and running.

My breakout is much better due to no sweets.

On Friday night I did not sleep so well. I had training that day and forgot to log on to my Fitbit so I hadn’t calculated the calories that I burn from exercise and daily activity properly. Hence I was sooo hungry. Daily activity I burn about 1500 calories and from exercise it is roughly 700-1500 calories depending on the type of run and how many minutes of walking I do.

One of the things that I noticed in myfitnesspal was the potassium level. This is either mid range or so low. For a woman wanting her periods to be regular this is not good. Luckily though Katherine can increase this by including more potassium rich foods such as molasses and meats. Edamame can be included. Lately Katherine has been feeling a bit heavy in the legs due to her period coming soon

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Week 16 of Marathon training

I have to quit sugar. By that I mean the commercial sugars and fructose. Sometimes it can be quite hard to quit them as everywhere sells sugary items. Even today I walked by the girl serving samples of sugary green tea at Chattime.


Some of my family members are being a little bit on the negative side about running going on about you have done lots and you have done some damage to your skin by the runs. But my skin has improved because I have not eaten a lot of sugar and that is a good thing. When I eat too much in one day my skin goes ballistic.

And this week I have tried a new sports sunscreen and it works really well for my skin. I have also washed off the sweat each time I finished a run.

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The things I ate in the last nine days

I am a really healthy eater and during the week it was Chinese new year. Most days I did about a 20-25 km walk/run per day. Some days I did cross training. I tried not to have too much of those whey shakes but whenever I did I always had it with some fruits and veg to up the nutrients.



For the two breakfasts (one at 7am and then other at 10:20am), I had Carmen’s museli, milk, bread with butter and Rokby farm’s whole protein. Which in fact I discovered that it has no whey in it. Altogether I had about 45 g of protein.

And then at 1pmish I had a salad  and then walked over to Shuji Sushi for mediocre sushi and seaweed salad. There was miso soup in there and you can read all about it in the other blog. Then at 5pmish just before my 5km run I had three beans, canned corn and tea.

After that there was the lunar new year festival. I treated myself to prawn dumplings and fried rice cakes


60min walk

At 9am I got up and had oatmeal. At 12:30pm my housemate cooked fried rice for lunch with lots of meats. For snacks today I had kale, nuts, ice cream and pepitas. And then dinnertime was a new year feast with chicken, prawns, white rice etc. And then the fruit salad.


Pride March, 60 min walk, 9.06km run.



9am: got up and had granola for Breakfast from Carmen’s. I also had milk to keep my bone structure. Then at 10:30am got hungry again and had a Be Natural bar.

12pm- added more irons in the form of a salmon with cream cheese bagel. Also had scrambled eggs with orange juice from Lane Bar. During the Pride March I had banana, carrot and Pepsi.

For dinner that night I had pumpkin and tortellini salad with a dinner roll and protein shake.


60 min walk and some weights

Had Granola again for breakfast and for lunch had a bean salad with kale. For dinner it was a stirfry with white rice.


90 min walk and a 11 km run


Had a naked tofu burger for breakfast. Didn’t sleep so well last night, kept wanting food. And then today had my kale and banilla shake which was just awesome. Then had miso soup and carrots for snacks. After my run had a tuna salad and then one lamb cutlet with rice and green papaya salad. Yum.


90 min walk and a 7km run


Went almost vegetarian today except for the Chicken and Leek pie. I bet you guys want to know whether it is possible to run if you are vegetarian. I did accidentally have a Buono bar even though I am not supposed to due to Febfast. I forgot like an idiot that it was on.

For breakfast I enjoyed my housemates homemade museli. For dinner I enjoyed a small cannelini bean salad with a vegetarian pho. I did of course have my usual kale shake.


60 min walk and 20 mins of HIIT

Today tried Pancake Parlours short stack without the ice cream and I got to say that this is better and much healthier.

Was vegetarian again almost. Had two salads (one with tofu and beans for lunch). For snack I had the Quests bar and there is a review for that.

Friday again (3/2/2017)

I had museli again. Had an appointment at Shape up to see my running coach and see how my weight and fat was going. Fat was 18% Yippee and Weight was 52.2kg. Therefore another shake.


Had turkey pasta bake for lunch and bean salad with spicy rice and chips from Nandos for dinner. Its hard to be a vegetarian and a runner without the shakes.

Saturday – 4/2/2017

60 min walk early in the morning

Had two seafood meals- one for lunch and one for dinner. For dinner I had tuna pasta and for lunch I had okomiyaki with octopus pieces as well as kale and green papaya salad. It is really easy to fall in love with kale and there is kale outside in the garden.

For morning tea I had miso soup. Miso soup has a lot of iron so it is good for the female runners who need more than the males.

Sunday- 5/2/2017

12km run and 60 min walk


Had Granola again. Then had prawn and chive dumplings after my run. Drank too much alcohol in the wine and food pairing event.

Got really drunk after the run.

There you have it, these are my days of trying to be healthu




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Quests new Coconut bar by Akira

Quest is a well known protein company that loves to produce energy bars for the endurance athletes. Here they have five different flavours and I picked their latest one which is coconut.


Their brand is available in gyms and health food stores all over the country and they also do appear at the Fitness and Health expo. They are also available at some supermarkets and are priced between $4-$6 for one bar.

I picked up a bar from my local convenience store.

It does not have a lot of sugar but it does have 20 g of protein in there. This is good for the runner in me.

It was hard to open and it took me time to do so. The bar was stuck to the packaging due to the heat. The bar was easily melted in my gym bag. But it was not too sweet and the sweetness was from the coconut.

If you are a gym freak and are hungry do pick up one.