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Blankets and burritos

This event is run by Bay City Burrito who had invited me to try their burrito. This is their second year in running this event and they want it to succeed. In Melbourne there are about 247+ people homeless, some of whom have been homeless for many years now.

For many it is cold and scary and lonely

The service at the Hawthorn store was very friendly just like they would be at the homeless shelters. At the Hamodava cafe the volunteers are very friendly and down to earth. And very quick too.

Here a burrito at this store and at St Kilda can feed one very hungry homeless person. Healthy International students blog is supporting the homeless by running the 42.2km marathon. A big vegetarian burrito is very filling and is good fuel for a runner of this calibre. But the burrito was very messy to eat. People had to wash their hands.

There were free nacho chips and these were done really well. They were piping hot from being under that lamp.

Of course to complement this there was a free soft drink. Mind you there was no alcohol as many of the homeless services don’t provide alcohol to their patrons as it causes many problems. The Salvos is just one of them.

To find the toilet in the dark was very hard and I got lost. I almost tripped. So I suggest going to Lido Cinemas and using their toilet or Roccoco’s toilet across the road.

What Bay City would love for you to do to support the homeless is to drop a blanket off to their store in Hawthorn and then they will take your blanket plus a mouthwatering burrito to the homeless person in the city. Together we can make a difference.

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My eight weeks of quitting sugar by Akira.

Have you ever thought about the fact that there is too much sugar in your diet sometimes? Well I do examine myfitnesspal and found that I have had about 100-150 g of sugar a day. These aren’t your average sweets rather they are your added sugars in things.


Sarah Wilson’s I quit sugar has inspired me to start my own I quit sugar. Yes I still have the odd natural sugar here and there, but I am a lot cleaner. My shakes do not have sugar. What prompted me to start this journey was my very bad PMS. I used to get vomiting, diarrhea and lots of nausea. And there was the period pain. My body didn’t know what to do with all this sugar. With all this sugar there was a weight gain.

On her program I had to give up really sweet fruits and mostly giving up on the full cream milk as it has 13g of sugar in there. Oh and molasses has about 11g of sugar in there. On her program I enjoyed a lot of vegetables and cheeses as well as plain yoghurt. I saw that my PMS has gone down and my skin has cleared up. I am not vomiting or feeling nauseated now. Too many people end up in hospital due to an overdose of sugar. Too many people have diabetes and other cancers.

By quitting sugar I learned to love Kombucha. Kombucha is a gut loving drink which has no sugar in there.


Its very easy to see the yummy desserts on Instagram but it is harder to resist the desserts outside. I found that making your own non sugary desserts is much better. But with practice resisting sugar will be a lot easier as it doesn’t taste as nice. Trust me your taste buds will get used to the sensation.

My tips on quitting sugar

  • Swap the soft drinks and juices for water and herbal teas. We also love our aloe which we have in store or you can go to Shape up for your lunch service
  • Learn to love Kombucha
  • Learn to enjoy cacao instead of chocolate
  • Instead of chocolate cake in the afternoon, why not enjoy a piece of cheese or a can of tuna. I also love to have sushi for afternoon tea as it has all the healthy fats in there.
  • Instead of your usual morning tea cake, why not have eggs your way?
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Week 11 of the Marathon training: New Year new eyes

This week we took it really easy as we should do with running. This week on most training runs did an hour of that. January and February are a lot quieter and a lot more time to enjoy good meals and markets. They say that on average a person needs to do about 1-2 hours of exercise per day and some of it should be vigorous. And others should be based on strength.


This week the pacer opportunities came around but Katherine could not apply yet. Applications are open in mid 2017. But she believed that she can run the 42.2 km in a time of four hours and thirty minutes. That works out to be a pace of 1km per 5 mins. It takes a lot of mental strength and possibilities and believing in yourself.

With running the marathon this year and writing about different aspects of it, we hope to have about 5000 followers by the end of the year. We also hope to encourage many International students to take up running. There are many fun runs during the year both in the city and in rural areas.

Last year was more about learning to run and this year will be mentoring people on the race and offering words of encouragement to help them on their weight loss journey. Losing weight is hard work and its all about being confident in yourself. There is no quick and easy way to it. Its all about patience.

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Trail report 3: Bellarine Rail Trail.

This is a relatively flat trail which starts at South Geelong station and then goes until Queenscliff. Here we only travelled to Portdarlington and back via Bellarine Hwy (a tiny section of it). The temperature was 24C-36C (well 38C in Melbourne). It rained in the morning and then it was sunny.

I took some coffee today hoping that it would perk me up. It did but I spilt half of it because I filled the cup too full and so when I bent over it spilled  everywhere. Also I forgot to bring another bottle and did not know that there were no taps anywhere on the trail. There was no bathroom on the trail and I tried to find the porta potty in the camping shops.  But nothing or they were too big to buy and bring.

So what did I do about the no water? Well I stopped by Eddy’s in Bellarine Hwy for an iced coffee and a bottle of iced tea. Eddy’s is both a health food store and a cafe. This bottle was $4.50 and the iced coffee was $5. This was the nicest no cream coffee that I could ask for. It was not too sweet but strong.

Running the trails in the heat is hard and takes some time and perserverance to get used to.