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Week 34 of the marathon

Watched a few Youtube videos including Olympic games for the mindset. Then I know how much work goes into organising events like these.

On Tuesday my foot smelt a lot of foot odour. It has never been this bad. I must buy some foot deodorant.

Then I had some period pain but no period yet. It’s day 24. I eat enough although not as much calories as the last month. But I try. Eventually I get my period and don’t want to eat. Even if I do eat I barf. Hence not much energy in the first week. I found out that the Melbourne Marathon is in the first week of my period.

Do you have any advice on running a marathon with a period and not eating much? I ran a half on the third day of my period after the heavy bleeding. But I fear that the marathon will be on the first two days of bleeding.

This weeks yoga was about finding balance and inhaling, something which I have a lot of trouble with due to blocked nose. And this time I was not late, but the last to arrive.

Wednesday’s gym session didn’t do a lot but Thursday I learned heaps of new moves,

But then by Friday’s short run I was feeling much better and stronger thanks to the gym work that I did so I did heaps.

Legendary and That’s Amore cheese hosted an event to encourage people to eat more cheese. Runners especially need to try and eat as much cheese as they can for their healthy bones.

Here we had a platter of cheese and lots of cheese to our hearts content. Now we know better to eat more cheese.

And the more cheese we ate the better our run was on Sunday. For the first few km we went really slow and had no energy. But in the middle and the last few kms we had lots of energy and went faster. This time there was no complaint of iron and potassium losses.

Sunday’s long run was good but had to cut it short again due to forgetting to bring enough food. I was hungry half an hour before the race ended. But I did try out the new watch that Advil sent me and it was alright. It tells about the calories and not about the heart rate which is what I would have liked.

During this weeks long run I burnt about 1500 calories running. And I tried a new part of St Kilda and that is Chapel st where all the houses were. I have never been to that part of St Kilda before.

And at this week’s Hawkers Market I tried a couple of new Malaysian sweets such as the bun with the pink colouring and the Puttu Mayam which is another sweet dessert in which there is the vermicelli noodles and brown sugar. The brown sugar coats the noodles quite nicely to make it a sweet dish.

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Week 33 of marathon training

Have to be used to running in wet clothes and wearing them. The marathon may be wet and windy and its usually not cancelled when it is just that. So I usually wash my clothes the day before and wear them slightly damp. This is so that I can get used to the concept of being uncomfortable and not have chafing come race day.

The short run was good but the gym session was not so. My legs felt heavy and I haven’t been sleeping well. My body hasn’t quite got used to the cold temperature. It is winter in Melbourne  hence the temperatures are between 4-15C.

Winter is the time where all the homeless come out to play. The city streets are filled with such people and such violence at night. I sometimes get scared. This is usually on the popular streets where all the restaurants are.

The Sunday long run was great but I ran out of energy in the middle. I was getting quite hungry by the end. I didn;t have enough money on me or snacks. Went great and got 7.03 minutes per km for the first few kms. And then it went a little bit slower.  I was supposed to do 23 kms but because I had no energy at the end and was hungry,  I only did 21km.

Went past Bridge Road. It was good going up and down all those hills, but Birdge Road seemed a little bit quieter than a usual Sunday full of tourists. Some of the shops are for lease and there are some rennovations going on. But there were a few new restaurants around the area.

Went up Chapel st and it was busy at lunchtime with many of those going to eat at one of the trendy cafes. I went to Prahran market and tried out lots of samples. I wanted to see it for myself.

Then at St Kilda’s Fitzroy st there were a few roving performers as it was the Fitzroy st celebration. Many bars had happy hours at this time.

I also checked out the pier at Kereford st and it was awesome on a day like today. Most people went fishing here

And Runners world was right about taking protein on rest days. I did just that and I felt stronger today. This is one way to make sure that the muscles are recovered from a run.

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Week 31 of Marathon training

This week felt a little bit somber at the start. My parents and I don’t see eye to eye on the race. I see that doing the race and writing about it earns a fair few brownie points in order of new clothes and an ambassadorship.

This week I applied for Lorna Jane and other running affiliate programs. So far nothing yet. I also applied to win a trip overseas.

I saw the Medibank stall at Melbourne Central and decided to find out whether or not I had enough cover just in case I get injured. It appears that I do. I have their premium cover which includes physio should I need.

Then on Wednesday trained hard and felt good. My first few kms were at 7’12 mins each which was not too bad. Then I felt weak at the knees and the last few miles walked it.

I remembered why I wanted to do this marathon and it is to help those that are doing it tough. The One Umbrella charity outside Flinders st say that they see about 200 people per night and that they are really stretched the bone. Both financially and volunteer wise.  But all the food is donated by the vairous cafes and restaurants in Melbourne.

Rewatching some of the old Harry Potter movies gave me some hope. In my mind I can imagine the cannon starting at each race and I am starting out well.

Then at the gym I worked hard doing lots of rows with my personal trainer and friend.

Sunday’s long run of 23km was slow to begin with and then I picked up at the second half. The first half it was raining so it was a bit slow. Due to just having finished my period and not eating much in the first week I felt like I was out of energy. I started at the MCG where I was collecting money for the Salvos. This was my first shift there but I knew that the tin would be heavy. This is great strength work for me.

I just need to make sure that I eat enough in the first week of my period to have energy to do everything.

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Week 30 of marathon training

My period didn’t come at all until Saturday. This is the second time it is late and I haven’t been eating enough to fuel my runs and workouts at the gym. I am going on a No Meat May which may not have worked in my favour. I can (and do have fish and seafood) but no meat. I didn’t have enough fats for my period to come on time in the past few weeks. This week however I started to include them in my snacks and meals.


Then I biked for about 30 mins. I was going to do yoga but again my 7km run finished late and yoga started on time. I was too busy trying to find the right meal for the balanced runner: me.

Then the long run came and I suffered throughout that. I nearly died on Friday. I only managed 20km before I called it quits. Ran around Brunswick st and St Kilda road. It showered a little bit but I didn’t mind so much. Tried the long run with chips and Onion rings from Burger Edge.


With the Entertainment book discount it was $7.50 all together. These were nicely salted, although I have to admit that the service is a tad bit slow. There was only one other couple which came before me.

Tried the Cliff Bars- 2 for $5 at the Cruelty shop. They were sweet but nice. And they also fuelled me for a part of my long run.

At least I am trying to put more good fats into my diet. I have been pooing a lot. In fact I think I have the trots. My poos are big and very soft, sometimes smelly.
Update my period came on Saturday nine days late and it wasn’t too bad. But it was 39 days after the last one.

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Week 29 of Melbourne Marathon


This week was my second week of yoga and it was quite fun. There was a lot of stretching going on in this but am almost getting the hang of it. One lady came late to class about 15 mins and the instructor didn’t let her in. The gym has a rule of not letting people into the class five to ten minutes after it starts due to not being able to warm up properly.

I was only five minutes late due to the run finishing a little late. I was supposed to be there by 7:20pm for the 7:30pm class. Got into class at 7:35pm.  This was due to the fireworks being set off halfway through my run so I had to stop. And wait for them to end before heading back.

Just a heads up to the very rich walker blonde who told me off whilst peeing outside, this is actually allowed on race day and I was practicing race day techniques. Yes I know the toilet was near, so what? There aren’t a lot of toilets and very long queues on race day. YOU ARE VERY RUDE to tell this runner off. It is done in training all the time.

I really don’t know how to deal with that odd rude person so if someone can tell me that will be great! Whether it be cat calls or them telling a runner off for peeing behind the tree!

As for the scales at the gym they don’t work. They weighed me in at 53.5kg where as at home I was 51.7kg. Got my bioage on Friday and they said that I have the body of a 38 year old when I am only 28. I have to work on my balance and my cardio as well as the planking. I can barely hold my own for 20 seconds and I need to be able to hold for a minute. I can also barely row 500 meters for under 3 mins.

But my health and lifestyle is good. I do not smoke and eat healthily.

Wednesday night’s run was not too bad.

For my long run this week I did 23 km. It was at 11:30am after the Mother’s day fun run for breast cancer which happens yearly. This was so much fun and I got a free tuna melt. The lines though were waay too long for the free coffee so I went to Charlie Lovett on the way.

Oh and there were balloons too for the kids. I didn’t walk away empty handed. I got a goody bag full of great runner goodies such as snacks and multivitamins.

There were a lot of people for the 8km run and walk.

Oh well hope you have had a good week and if so please leave a comment. How do you deal with the non runners by the way?


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Week 27 of Marathon training by Akira

This week is all about the food and trying to cut out that sugar. I have about 6-8 meals a day, some small and some large. I am a very active person, walk most days and run most days. And I also do gym about 1-2 times a week.


Read about the cheating that happens in Boston and think its not fair for those that worked really hard for their reward. Hopefully though this does not happen at this years marathon. I’m worried.

I have a little bit of runner anxiety and don’t know what to do about this so I am reaching out to you for a bit of help. I am currently doing 18-20km over the weekend sometimes a little bit slower than the usual 3.5 hours. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for the race.

This week on a Wednesday there was a bit of a strong wind which helped me reach 10 km in about 1.5 hours. But it didn’t help much that the ground was a bit slippery. I nearly fell down at one point. There was only light hail.

Discovered a new sporting shop in Melbourne Central and it hosted a few big brands. These shoes were so expensive but fashionable.


On Thursday, lost my myki and had runners anxiety over the money. No good. So of course the run was not great. Lost concentration over this.

Then on Sunday I conquered the hills well. Here I ran about 14 km of hills and it was not too bad thanks to all the gym work I am doing so far. Went to Lentils as Anything and had a fair bit of food for $10.

And then at the end there was more free food at the Sikh festival in Federation Square. They love to share the love rather than put a cost price on food. There was rice and kidney beans. Am keen to try them out one night.


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Week 25 of Marathon Training

This week my skin looked bad and I ate too many sweet things in order to increase potassium. That is not good and as a result my skin dried out. I found out that the more potassium we as runners have the better our hydration and skin gets. Also I have quite a bit of acne.

I have sensitive skin and so I try not to use anything with alcohol in it.

The nights are getting colder as we get into winter. It is growing dark by 6:30pm. Tried out the new light this week. It was about $16 and I got this when Kathmandu had their New year sale as I knew that I would need a light in the cooler months. The light is just awesome. I clipped it around my middle and it fell off. When I clipped it a second time, it didn’t come off as I clipped it on my Fitbit around my wrist.  I can see really well with it, but it does need charging once in a while.


Ran on my first day of my period and it was not too bad except for the coughing and wheezing from all the iron being lost. Oh and the going slow parts. But in the end though according to myfitnesspal I got about 117% of my daily recommended iron needs. Most days I have been a bit on the low side. Ate a lot of fish that day which really helps too.

Ran again on the third day and it was not too bad but of course I was a bit slower. Need to work on that iron and potassium which is hard for us females. On that day my period was a lot heavier.

Ran some hills on Friday- barely survived the big hills.

The long run was just ok. I ran about 19km on a sunny Sunday around Port Melbourne and St Kilda. It was warm and I had lost a lot of potassium through my period and sweat. I was puffing. Thank god for the cross training on Wednesday or otherwise I would have lost my sanity.

Cross training this week was not too bad but not great yet.

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Week 24 of Marathon Training by Akira

This week I feel like I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. This hole is dark and hollow. My sister hasn’t contacted me much and never replies me. She hardly ever sends messages. I always send her stuff when I can but she never replies me.

Running this week helped me to fill that black hole to a certain extent. But I still miss her.

Am trying to include more potassium in my diet but its hard.


Did my first strength training session and was just ok. It takes a while of getting used to and it was for Premiers Active April. And then on Thursday I was slow due to the lines at Burnley station where everyone was waiting for the bus. There were hundreds of people all waiting and it was hard to get out. And then there were hills.

It was hard getting back from a strength session and then I was hungry. What is wrong with me?

On Friday night I trained at night and forgot the light. So ran slower to avoid falling over. Next time I’ll have to remember to bring the light as I have one at home. Luckily I ran in well lit places but got lost along the way.

On Sunday it was a long run and it was cold. Here the Run for the kids was on and there were many participants. One thing I learned was that many participants did not wear their ponchos to run. Rather they wore moisture wicking things such as hoodies, caps and beanies. So will have to visit Kathmandu for them as well as other sport stores.

I run slower in the rain as I don’t like slipping a lot. My shoes can be really slippery. When I run in the rain I put the poncho on over my bag. I was a little bit low on iron this week have been coughing a little bit.

But then I had eggs for breakfast at Botanical and whilst it was from Cape Schnack it was a really small serve for $11. This was where all the Run for the Kids congregated afterwards.

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Week 23 of marathon training

Its the first week of real cold weather as the mornings become chilly

I love watching Disney movies. They really get me in the right frame of mind as a runner. As a runner I would need to be relaxed, happy and focussed and that’s what Disney movies aim to do. I love the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the beast.

I feel like Amy Purdy when I do hard and sometimes long runs and in the two weeks before my period. The feeling in my legs disappeared. I wonder why that sometimes happens with us runners.

Sometimes the feeling has reappeared and in the long run it was over course of lunch so I was really hungry and had a few walk breaks at the start. And then at the end after my peanut butter sandwich I felt better and ran a little bit faster. I also tried running with a organic lime and mint icy pole which was not too sweet. I felt that I had a lot more energy to continue in the race. Yes I know that I am quitting sugar but this was a homemade brand.

I did this long run when daylight savings ended and it was just ok. Here I got an extra hour of snooze but it means longer nights and shorter days.

I also tried lemonade the other day and felt the energy hit.

I am trying to fit more hydration in, in terms of water but its not that easy. I am trying to drink 8L of fluids a day and have given up on the sweet drinks since they have no benefits for me. I do however like Kombucha.

Tried carbo loading and all was good. Am going have to get used to it. Had no eggs this week and will try to soon.

My goal by the end of April is to get to 30 km in a long run. It is going to be hard though.

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Tips for the newbie runners by Akira

Now is the time when new runners consider running their very first marathon. Most are excited but some are very nervous and don’t know where to start. So here are some tips on starting.


Think about the finances


You would need about $2000-$3000 per year just for clothes, shoes, nutrition and race entry. So set that money aside. Do you need some exercise gear such as weights and ropes for strength training? If so put about $200 aside for that


InstagramCapture_021317e7-c7d1-4808-ba5b-1c02a7681654Having a good plan for nutrition is a must. For some six meals a day is a good idea. Work out what works best for you. Running burns about 300-1500 calories per training session.

Do you have a pre existing condition?

If so think about what you need. Talk to your doctor about it. Tell the doctor that you are thinking about doing the race. Ask them about what this would entail.

Join a running group

Most running clubs welcome people of all ages and abilities and are willing to help you out if you put the effort in. In Melbourne we have the Crosbie crew. It is $60 per year and it is worth it. We also have Parkrun as well. They have regular weekday and weekend trainings in the park.

Read online blogs

Online blogs give you some great ideas on how to start. Runners World is one that I subscribe to. I also like Fannetastic food and the Hungry Runner Girl. Online resources also give you some good ideas on what to try when you are training.

Be motivated to start and always try and have a plan (and stick to it too).

Write down your goal. Be specific. Eg I aim to achieve a five hour best time in a marathon is better than I aim to make my parents happy doing this marathon.

Drink lots

Ok so you might not be used to drinking much at first but after a while you just will be. You may need to drink about 1L of water per body weight and 1L of water per hour of exercise that you do but trust me if you practice this most days you will get the hang of it.

If you don’t like water there is the Herbalife tea and aloe which has water but with a bit more flavour. Just PM us and we’ll get you some.

And yes at first you will have to go to the toilet lots. After a while your body will get used to it. It takes time and patience.

SO there you have it, if there are any more tips please drop us a line below.