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Daley & Co

Daley and co have just opened up in the same place as Shape up. I have walked by it for some time but had not gone in. Moreover they were still settling down.

I went there for a coffee the other day and enjoyed it. Now I am back for lunch. Normally this would go on a food blog but seeing as this is a salad/health food place I figured it would be better put here. Go figure.

Here they have lovely staff that will assist with your decision and you can put all meals with a salad. Most of their meals is $12 and under. The waitresses were friendly to everyone.

For a Thursday lunchtime there were steady but not busy. Most people went to other eateries around that area.

The chef had gone home so I was not able to try out their egg dishes. Moreover Daley and co had just started on social media.

I got the salmon bagel with a feta and beetroot salad which was freshly made. Here I loved that they did not use the canned beetroot but fresh beetroot which is less sweet. They also use lemon in their bagel which I do not like. I just don’ like the tanginess of lemon in a bagel.

My friend loved his sausage roll. They are big and filling. And he enjoyed his pasta salad. Pity they didn’t have chips that day. If you are around that area, why not check out this place and Shape up upstairs?

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STREAT cafe is a a social enterprize which helps the homeless. I have been there a few times but not for a while. Since I am assisting the homeless I thought that this would be a great idea to write about the place. Kinfolk is another.

They are in Melbourne Central shopping centre in the city on the ground floor. They are open on the weekends. They do takeaway as well as eating in. The menu for food is limited and its whatever is there in the cabinet.

The place is run by lovely staff and volunteers all of whom are friendly.

Here all the profits goes towards the homeless and a coffee and crossaint is $6.80. I got a watered down latte (that’s ok as who needs all that milk when they are trying to lose weight fast) but that bitter flavour was there.

My crossaint which was almond by the way was simply good. It was not too sweet which is great as some of us and maybe yourself cannot have too much sugar.


Do come on by for your breakfast fix in the city and help those that are less fortunate. You can also help by donating here.

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Lets move 365: Middle Child

Middle Child is a healthy café in Maribyrnong across the road from the park. It is run by a north Melbourne supporter and here it is dog friendly. They have Puppycinos and dog friendly treats just for dogs.  They have many dogs and people over the weekend enjoying their coffees and brunch.


It was open three weeks ago and already they are seeing many of the Boathouse’s unhappy patrons. Patrons don’t like to wait 45 mins for their coffee or a table hence they come here and they can borrow a rug or two and buy coffee to enjoy in the park.

The barista is friendly and knowledgeable. They support many AFL teams over the weekend and many gym patrons during the weekdays.

Unlike the Boathouse where they burn their coffees, here their coffees are stellar and you can choose the milk. Unlike the Boathouse they treat their pets well. The Boathouse does not have puppycinos.

They have vegan pies which I would love to try one day.


Do come by for the coffees rather than the Boathouse as you’ll love the friendly service and the lovely coffees and biscuits.

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lets move 365: Sams Boatshed

Sam’s Boatshed is a boat hire place as well as a café. It was a sunny day when I went and it was after a run when I was all hot and sweaty. I needed some water to replace the fluids that I lost.

This is outside at Albert Park and its dog friendly. Moreover you can enjoy watching the boats. You can also hire boats for as little as $15. This is a nice way to enjoy some tea and ice cream.

They have a few different flavours and they have sorbet. Here I had my usual blood orange and lemon for $5.50 for two. For one its $4

You can also pat some lovely dogs whilst there.

Do visit here on a relaxing  day out

Address for Sam’s Boatshed
3 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park Victoria 3206
03 9686 2571
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Snippet: Annoying Brother



We visited this place twice for breakfast. Here they have great burritos as well as good coffees. We really liked their coffees last time.  For both times we bought the Groupon which is $8.



We enjoyed a great short black as well as that breakfast burrito. This really filled me up and I enjoyed this very much. The bacon was cooked well and the salsa on top was really good. Here it was oniony but not too oniony. This is a good option for breakfast if you want to gain muscle.

The service was great and the guy that served me smiled.


This is outside a tram line and the tram stop is a few metres down the road.

Do go to this amazing healthy place in North Fitzroy and you can buy the groupon


Customs House and Restaurant

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We were invited by our Herbalife business and did not have to pay for this. Customs House and Restaurant is in Geelong and its right on the waterfront in a lovely old courthouse building. Here it has a lovely library where cafe goers and restaurant patrons can enjoy the good ole fashioned books.


I loved the waffle which was crunchy but worked well with the homemade ice cream. The cookies and cream shake powder worked well with this dessert and you can order it off us. I loved the blueberry on top as it was a nice touch.

To go with it I had a tea. It was $4.50 and a good green tea enjoyed in a library.

Rating: 14/20- agree with Kenny about the top notch food.

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Snippet: The Bakehouse at Flinders St station

Here this is a cheap place to buy your baked goods on the way home from work. Or a cheap roll on the way to work. I love their pastie.Its cooked well and its flakey yum yum.

I have also tried their sausage roll late at night to boost my metabolism. But that was at 8:40pm. Everything is under $5.

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Do go there for your quick fix. The service is very quick so it is good for those that have just skipped breakfast. But then I know that skipping breakfast is a bad idea as your body goes into starvation mode after a long night in bed. If you skip breakfast you will want more food and then it is easy to gain weight.


Snippet: Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee is a coffee shop which specialises in coffee and the like. My coffees have always been good both from Prahran and Victoria markets. Here I enjoyed mine with a mince tart. I know that they say that latte is bad for you but having once in a while is ok and I have been craving this for some time.


WP_20151223_09_51_52_ProMarket lane always has the nice artwork. WP_20151223_09_51_54_Pro WP_20151223_09_54_58_Pro

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Do come by the markets for your coffee as it is always strong bodied.