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Bloggers vs brands by RMIT Newintstudents

Bloggers vs brands, well that is the question.

Well here at healthyintstudents blog and RMIT Newintstudents we don’t ask for brands and restaurants to invite us to dine at their place unless they really want to. They just don’t have all that money. Even if they did they might not risk it for a blogger who doesn’t do what they promised.


That being said, we like to pay for our own stuff to trial unless its free for everyone. We are not those bloggers who just ask for the free (unless we really liked something the first around) and get that free thing. And not review them. Nor are we those bloggers who never disclose that their products were free.

Yes we don’t have a huge following on Instagram. Our following right now is 281 people.

We like going to places and try things uninvited. Eg the Good food and wine show. We paid to get in.

I have attended many places in the past and people have requested things by saying “I am a blogger” and expect to get freebies. Yes we’re poor students but we don’t expect much. I don’t mind getting invites from places and things I support such as Honey bar or Leftbank. Or Newmarket hotel which is quite good. We like Sole Motive, X50 Greentea, Herbalife, Lulemon amoung others.


Blogging is supposed to be about sharing information and thoughts on a place or a process. Its also supposed to be a learning process where things are tested by trial and error.

Now if there was a price for your advertising on this site, it won’t be much as we are students and are learning a lot for online advertising and health. But if you want do shoot us a message at: and we can talk price then.


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Diet plans and why they don’t work- a discussion.

There are many diet plans in the market but most of them do not work and are costly. These days we find them all over the Internet. Most of them advertise for a quick one pound loss per day.

A reminder of what a healthy diet looks like

People set themselves up for high expectation wanting to lose lots of weight without the hard work. Most diets are just quickfixes without the hard work.

But in the end diets fail them.

You pay anywhere between $30-$100 a month for nothing. Some of the diet plans go for six months and others go for twelve months.

Most diets eliminate certain wholefoods which your body needs to properly function. After you finish that diet then you would put the weight back on. You don’t learn anything.

So what do we recommend?

We recommend lots of wholefoods and exercise. Try raising money for a charity by training for a fun run or a marathon. That way you’ll be motivated and will keep up the good habits easily.

Don’t skip meals. Your body works better on lots of wholefood and water and you’ll feel amazing afterwards. Don’t skip breakfast as without it your body cannot function and your metabolism slows.

Yes gyms can be expensive but sometimes a gym and good eating is what you need to get back on track. And there are people there to guide you.

Learning good habits takes time and patience. Most people wanting to lose weight do not have the patience.

Healthy readers what are some good habits for those looking to lose the weight? Do leave a comment below

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Detox diets and why they are bad for you

Its January and you’ve probably overstuffed yourself with all the fatty and very heavy Christmas foods and beers. You probably want to lose weight in the quickest, most simplest way right?

Well here’s where detox diets come in….

Image courtesy

What is a detox diet?

By no means you would have heard of this thing because they are always advertised on Facebook, email and Twitter to be the fastest way to lose weight. You would be paying somewhere between $300-$500 for that latest “liver” cleansing diet which promises results. Most of them encourage you to skip food and use their product to substitute real food.

Most if not all the diets have some sort of period in which you can expect to results such as 1-2 weeks.

But there are some kits in pharmacies where you do it at home for about $50-$100. Some detoxes are healthy but most are not.

Why is it bad for you

After you finish you’ll binge eat. And its bad for your liver as your liver will do more of that work for you. Most of the detoxes taste like crap.

Some of the detox diets cut out certain foods and you need those nutrients to survive such as a certain amount of body fat.

According to Choice many people felt sluggish and tired. Some even felt bloating



There is no simple and quick way to lose weight. The only way to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise. If you really need it then our advice is to see your doctor first. See what they say.

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Happy hour

Many bars and restaurants have happy hour from 4pm-7pm and most have dinner specials there too. But many people eat and drink too much hence the rising obesity problem. They also don’t do enough exercise to earn those extra calories. Many people also don’t drink enough water hence they are thirsty and will have more alcohol just to quench their thirst.


Alcohol has many calories in a glass. A sauv blanc will set you back by 175 calories and then a champagne is about 150 calories. One huge pint of beer is about 150-175 calories. But red wine is the lowest in calories and alcohol. Alcohol can also make you thirsty wanting more.

The food at the bar is often salty with no nutrient value. A good steak dinner, although okay has about 575 calories. Onion rings and chips have about 500-1000 calories per serve and that is only just the batter. Dips have a whole lot more cream hence all the added calories. A slider each has about 150-300 calories.

Some ways to deal with the happy hour binge:

  • Do some exercise before going to the bar, be it gym, run etc. Then that way you will have earnt some calories.
  • Drink lots of water before you go out. If you don’t like water there is always herbal tea, instant herbal beverages, aloe from Herbalife etc.
  • Use cash- don’t bring the cards as you will spend only what you have and don’t go overboard
  • Just have fun without the food. You can just enjoy the company and the laughter and not getting too drunk.
  • Have a protein snack before you go. That can be your protein bar or minishake.
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The female athletic triad

We talk about this all important issue for female health. Luckily though none of us have this sort of thing yet and we are in good health


The female athletic triad is a serious problem for women who are young. It mainly occurs in women who do a lot of exercise and don’t eat enough to sustain themselves. The first time around this is a warning sign that you should do something about this. The second time around it is more serious.

Often this is not talked about enough, not even mentioned. The athletic triad is where a woman loses her period due to not enough nutrition to sustain her normal everyday functions. The woman has low body fat, so low that she is not warm enough. The recommended body fat is about 15%-19% to be healthy. In this case she might not have enough estrogen for her monthly visitor.

The result: is a loss of bone density after a while of missed periods as all the minerals get taken out of the bones. And that can have lots of negative impacts on your performance in running.

Image courtesy of athlete life development

What should you do in this case?

We’d recommend seeing a doctor and maybe quitting exercise just for a little while. We also recommend that you have more food. If it is so bad that you have missed your period then let your doctor know. They may be able to prescribe some sort of hormonal thing to get you back on track

Just to be on the safe side about the body fat do get a body scan. You can do this for free at your local nutrition club or on the expensive side in most weight loss centres.

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What to bring to Melbourne for the marathon

Are you coming to the Melbourne Marathon and don’t know what to bring to Melbourne for that weekend? Here’s a list of all the things that you will need in Melbourne

You’ll need:

Your comfy pj’s- Melbourne is known to be cool at night

Your drink bottle- you will need this for the race. On course there is water and drinks but not much of it. As for me I like to know what I’m drinking.

A small bag of toiletries- you don’t need a lot and Melbourne has many stores in where you can buy a few things

Energy gels- you only need about two or three. There are a few health food shops that sell the gels, but bring your own just in case as many of the stores might not be open on weekends

Toilet paper for the run-you can buy toilet paper in Melbourne or bring some from home

Safety pins- for your bib that is. But if you forget you can always buy them at Daiso which is $2.80 and there are two stores in the city: QV and Flinders st.

Socks and underwear- 3-5 changes is plenty. But if you are staying for the week then more would be a great idea

Protein bars and shakes- Melbourne will have plenty but they might not have your brand. Some of the health food stores might not be open on the weekend

Runners- make sure that you are comfortable in them. You don’t want blisters on your foot.

A change of clothes or two- maybe a nice pair of jeans and top for going out to dinner

Camera- to take photos

Your supplements- the chemist might not have your preferred supplement.

Tampons and pads if you are a lady- we have lots of brands at the chemist and supermarket but we may not have your brand in Melbourne (especially if you are an overseas visitor).

Money and credit cards- don’t forget the travellers cheques if you are from overseas.

A mobile phone

A previously owned MYKI if you have. Otherwise a new one is $6 and then there is all the hassle of topping it up.

Insurance- in case something goes wrong or if you lose a bag.

Tablets- We have plenty of brands here but you might be more comfortable to use your own. Just bring enough for the length of stay in Melbourne.

An iPad would be useful but make sure that you don’t lose it.


You don’t need

  • Food- Melbourne has plenty of cuisines to suit your budget. In most cases food from other countries is not allowed.
  • Water- we have lots. There are lots of free taps all over the city and the place that you are staying at might have some
  • Towels- the hotel will have one. Just a small one to wipe your face is fine.
  • Bedding- the hotels have plenty but you might want to bring a sheet or two
  • Laundry powder- we have laundromats and the supermarkets will stock some if your hotel has a machine in each room.
  • House keys- one less thing to worry about losing.  Get a family member or a relative to look after your keys if you can. Get them to drop you off at the airport. Then parking would be one less thing to worry about. Keys is another one less thing to worry about at the security line.
  • Scissors- another less thing to worry about at the airport security. Your hotel might have scissors
  • Knifes and utensils- we have lots here. And your