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Blankets and burritos

This event is run by Bay City Burrito who had invited me to try their burrito. This is their second year in running this event and they want it to succeed. In Melbourne there are about 247+ people homeless, some of whom have been homeless for many years now.

For many it is cold and scary and lonely

The service at the Hawthorn store was very friendly just like they would be at the homeless shelters. At the Hamodava cafe the volunteers are very friendly and down to earth. And very quick too.

Here a burrito at this store and at St Kilda can feed one very hungry homeless person. Healthy International students blog is supporting the homeless by running the 42.2km marathon. A big vegetarian burrito is very filling and is good fuel for a runner of this calibre. But the burrito was very messy to eat. People had to wash their hands.

There were free nacho chips and these were done really well. They were piping hot from being under that lamp.

Of course to complement this there was a free soft drink. Mind you there was no alcohol as many of the homeless services don’t provide alcohol to their patrons as it causes many problems. The Salvos is just one of them.

To find the toilet in the dark was very hard and I got lost. I almost tripped. So I suggest going to Lido Cinemas and using their toilet or Roccoco’s toilet across the road.

What Bay City would love for you to do to support the homeless is to drop a blanket off to their store in Hawthorn and then they will take your blanket plus a mouthwatering burrito to the homeless person in the city. Together we can make a difference.

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Harvest festival by Akira

This festival was in North Melbourne’s Language and Learning centre which was introduced just last year. The festival was free and people had a lot of fun whilst there. There was lots of food to try as well as making your own smoothies by bike.

The Language and Learning centre is for newly arrived migrants and people to help them with their English skills and IT, among other things. The place is welcoming and they do have a prayer mat.

Well I’ve already had my smoothie for the day so no Bike and blend for me. Instead there was injera, dumplings, sri lankan curry, rice and much more. This event was held during Cultural diversity week. All the foods were free, however many people donated to cover the costs of these foods.

Cultural Diversity week is a week in Melbourne where all cultures come together over food, fun and community.

The Chinese Dance group did a really stellar dance and they were in harmony.

All the foods were homemade and made by local not for profit migrant charities. There was Ethiopean coffee being made but seeing as it was too late it was not such a good idea.

Many thanks to North Melbourne Learning and Language centre for having us.

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Week 10 of the Marathon: Setting goals

Over Christmas we ate too much food and it was too hot. Hence there was not much exercise this week. Rather it was more about setting goals for the new year


What is our mission? Our mission is to help people to lose weight easily and keep it off. Way too many people in Melbourne are plump and many are unhappy with what they have got.

What did we do to achieve this mission in 2016? Not much just starting the site and running marathons.

What are our goals for 2017?

  • Run a Melbourne marathon in a time of 4:30 hours.
  • Convince people that running the Melbourne Marathon is achievable. Whilst not free its a good way to keep the weight off. Many people make new years resolutions and then they don’t stick to it as they see themselves as ugly.
  • Become a pacer for that marathon for fun

Success is always at the beginning. It is a progressive thing.

We worry about ketosis and losing our mind but with the right nutrition it can help. Ketosis is a metabolic proccess where the body does not have enough glucose for energy. We have never really tested glucose before. We often eat about 1700-2300 cal more than enough.

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Friendships over food by Akira.

Melbourne is a very multicultural city with people liking different things. However there is all one thing in common and that is food and Christmas.


Here everyone loves their food. Most of us love Chinese food and potluck dinners. Potluck is where you bring food from your own country. Most people bring chips or dips. Chinese food is meant for sharing as sharing is caring.  Mai loves to bring Chinese dumplings from home. I love to bring curry from my home and Katherine loves to bring whatever especially cheeses as Australians love their cheese.

In summer we love our picnics. Here we love to have cheese of all sorts at our picnics as well as wine. Katherine loves bringing cheese to picnics and a couple of times she has brought wine.

Occassionally in summer there are those potluck or $10 BBQ’s hosted by the social groups aimed for International students like ourselves. Here we bring all sorts of food from our home countries.

And then there are those Welcome dinner project ones where we bring a plate of food to share. I love curry or anything that I cook at home and Katherine loves her cheese and Tim tams. Tim tams is a food that all Australians love (it is a chocolate biscuit).

Often on Christmas day we all eat a lot of food. We love our turkey, coleslaw and the like. We also love wine and the Christmas BBQ. In Australia, Christmas is often hosted at someone’s house or in a park. And because it is summer it sometimes can be a BBQ.

What is your favourite food for sharing? Please leave a comment below

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Week eight of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week we have done 12-13 kms of 21kms and am finding it hard now.

This week my friend Katherine found it really hard to get her period. In kms 9-12 she found it really hard to maintain good fat levels hence the maybe skipped period (acutally it came on Sunday- the 37th day)  On myfitness pal it said that she had been having 50-83 g most days a bit on the low side. She found it hard to get warm.

Then it was cold one night and she could not sleep. The next day she burnt 700 calories and so did I. We both had pasta that night- I had the pollo and she had ratoutuille  with olive oil, salami and prawns. We had it at this place called Vapiano where they give you a card and then you swipe it everytime you order a meal. Our meals were free ( we have both joined the  club- this is a foodies club at Vapiano where new specials come and go) except for the extras and her red wine which she wanted to go with her pasta. It actually brought out the best in her pasta.

Then on Sunday she ran really slow due to her period and found it hard to catch up. In the end we went to St Kilda Esplanade market where there lots of dogs and goods.


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Homesickness and how to deal with this by Akira

Students you might be homesick by now so here are some tips to get homesickness out of the way especially if you are new to the country.

  • Don’t stay in your room a lot
  • Instead go out and socialise. Join a club. There are lots of clubs at uni and there is one that is bound to interest you. The more you are isolated the worse the homesick feeling gets.Talk to your family and friends back home
  • Do keep in contact with them because if you don’t you might end up losing them. You can Skype, write,  mail or WhatsApp.


Going to Brighton beach on sunny day can be quite fun. Image courtesy of chiukatherine on Instagram



  • Exercise- You don’t need to go to the gym for this if you don’t have the money. However you could sign up for a marathon if you are a lazy person who needs a reason to exercise. Then this way you could join a focus group to get some hints into running your first marathon.
  • Running a marathon is fun but you need to be healthy and focussed on finishing the race.
  • Be realistic  about your studies – seek help when you need to. Everyone will have their down periods. Go to the Study and learning center in your uni or see your university’s free counselling service which is there for all students.
  • Explore new areas- for example the countryside and spend a day out there.
  • Do visit the countryside on a weekend or during your break. You could even go running in the country. Or there is that market or foodie event going on there.
  • Be positive-smile.

People love to see someone who is always happy. What are some of your best ways to deal with homesickness?