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Week 34 of the marathon

Watched a few Youtube videos including Olympic games for the mindset. Then I know how much work goes into organising events like these.

On Tuesday my foot smelt a lot of foot odour. It has never been this bad. I must buy some foot deodorant.

Then I had some period pain but no period yet. It’s day 24. I eat enough although not as much calories as the last month. But I try. Eventually I get my period and don’t want to eat. Even if I do eat I barf. Hence not much energy in the first week. I found out that the Melbourne Marathon is in the first week of my period.

Do you have any advice on running a marathon with a period and not eating much? I ran a half on the third day of my period after the heavy bleeding. But I fear that the marathon will be on the first two days of bleeding.

This weeks yoga was about finding balance and inhaling, something which I have a lot of trouble with due to blocked nose. And this time I was not late, but the last to arrive.

Wednesday’s gym session didn’t do a lot but Thursday I learned heaps of new moves,

But then by Friday’s short run I was feeling much better and stronger thanks to the gym work that I did so I did heaps.

Legendary and That’s Amore cheese hosted an event to encourage people to eat more cheese. Runners especially need to try and eat as much cheese as they can for their healthy bones.

Here we had a platter of cheese and lots of cheese to our hearts content. Now we know better to eat more cheese.

And the more cheese we ate the better our run was on Sunday. For the first few km we went really slow and had no energy. But in the middle and the last few kms we had lots of energy and went faster. This time there was no complaint of iron and potassium losses.

Sunday’s long run was good but had to cut it short again due to forgetting to bring enough food. I was hungry half an hour before the race ended. But I did try out the new watch that Advil sent me and it was alright. It tells about the calories and not about the heart rate which is what I would have liked.

During this weeks long run I burnt about 1500 calories running. And I tried a new part of St Kilda and that is Chapel st where all the houses were. I have never been to that part of St Kilda before.

And at this week’s Hawkers Market I tried a couple of new Malaysian sweets such as the bun with the pink colouring and the Puttu Mayam which is another sweet dessert in which there is the vermicelli noodles and brown sugar. The brown sugar coats the noodles quite nicely to make it a sweet dish.

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Daley & Co

Daley and co have just opened up in the same place as Shape up. I have walked by it for some time but had not gone in. Moreover they were still settling down.

I went there for a coffee the other day and enjoyed it. Now I am back for lunch. Normally this would go on a food blog but seeing as this is a salad/health food place I figured it would be better put here. Go figure.

Here they have lovely staff that will assist with your decision and you can put all meals with a salad. Most of their meals is $12 and under. The waitresses were friendly to everyone.

For a Thursday lunchtime there were steady but not busy. Most people went to other eateries around that area.

The chef had gone home so I was not able to try out their egg dishes. Moreover Daley and co had just started on social media.

I got the salmon bagel with a feta and beetroot salad which was freshly made. Here I loved that they did not use the canned beetroot but fresh beetroot which is less sweet. They also use lemon in their bagel which I do not like. I just don’ like the tanginess of lemon in a bagel.

My friend loved his sausage roll. They are big and filling. And he enjoyed his pasta salad. Pity they didn’t have chips that day. If you are around that area, why not check out this place and Shape up upstairs?

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Diet plans and why they don’t work- a discussion.

There are many diet plans in the market but most of them do not work and are costly. These days we find them all over the Internet. Most of them advertise for a quick one pound loss per day.

A reminder of what a healthy diet looks like

People set themselves up for high expectation wanting to lose lots of weight without the hard work. Most diets are just quickfixes without the hard work.

But in the end diets fail them.

You pay anywhere between $30-$100 a month for nothing. Some of the diet plans go for six months and others go for twelve months.

Most diets eliminate certain wholefoods which your body needs to properly function. After you finish that diet then you would put the weight back on. You don’t learn anything.

So what do we recommend?

We recommend lots of wholefoods and exercise. Try raising money for a charity by training for a fun run or a marathon. That way you’ll be motivated and will keep up the good habits easily.

Don’t skip meals. Your body works better on lots of wholefood and water and you’ll feel amazing afterwards. Don’t skip breakfast as without it your body cannot function and your metabolism slows.

Yes gyms can be expensive but sometimes a gym and good eating is what you need to get back on track. And there are people there to guide you.

Learning good habits takes time and patience. Most people wanting to lose weight do not have the patience.

Healthy readers what are some good habits for those looking to lose the weight? Do leave a comment below

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Meat free May

This May was Meat free May meaning that I had to go without red meat for a month. As a runner this was hard but I did not give in. In fact I wanted to see how runners get on by without eating red meat. Most people sign up for the reason of losing weight and saving money.


But some love to sign up because it help save animals lives. Everyday we eat a lot of meat. The average Aussie eats too much meat and not enough vegetables. Many supermarkets stock mock meat. I had a look at Where’s the veg’s posts for inspiration on what I can do during this month.


Signing up for Meat Free May was easy and it was free. This was done online. During those days I had a look at people’s Instagram. I included fish and seafood in Meat free May as they have a lot of protein, good fats and iron. I also included kale in my diet.

But my period came really late as I missed out on some good fats in terms of oil. Finding vegetarian places in Melbourne was hard. Enjoying kale salad and soybeans was easy.

I was not hungry but I felt clean. I enjoyed eating eggs.

Do sign up for next years Meat Free May as you never know what you might learn. This might be your solution to weight loss.

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Blankets and burritos

This event is run by Bay City Burrito who had invited me to try their burrito. This is their second year in running this event and they want it to succeed. In Melbourne there are about 247+ people homeless, some of whom have been homeless for many years now.

For many it is cold and scary and lonely

The service at the Hawthorn store was very friendly just like they would be at the homeless shelters. At the Hamodava cafe the volunteers are very friendly and down to earth. And very quick too.

Here a burrito at this store and at St Kilda can feed one very hungry homeless person. Healthy International students blog is supporting the homeless by running the 42.2km marathon. A big vegetarian burrito is very filling and is good fuel for a runner of this calibre. But the burrito was very messy to eat. People had to wash their hands.

There were free nacho chips and these were done really well. They were piping hot from being under that lamp.

Of course to complement this there was a free soft drink. Mind you there was no alcohol as many of the homeless services don’t provide alcohol to their patrons as it causes many problems. The Salvos is just one of them.

To find the toilet in the dark was very hard and I got lost. I almost tripped. So I suggest going to Lido Cinemas and using their toilet or Roccoco’s toilet across the road.

What Bay City would love for you to do to support the homeless is to drop a blanket off to their store in Hawthorn and then they will take your blanket plus a mouthwatering burrito to the homeless person in the city. Together we can make a difference.

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My eight weeks of quitting sugar by Akira.

Have you ever thought about the fact that there is too much sugar in your diet sometimes? Well I do examine myfitnesspal and found that I have had about 100-150 g of sugar a day. These aren’t your average sweets rather they are your added sugars in things.


Sarah Wilson’s I quit sugar has inspired me to start my own I quit sugar. Yes I still have the odd natural sugar here and there, but I am a lot cleaner. My shakes do not have sugar. What prompted me to start this journey was my very bad PMS. I used to get vomiting, diarrhea and lots of nausea. And there was the period pain. My body didn’t know what to do with all this sugar. With all this sugar there was a weight gain.

On her program I had to give up really sweet fruits and mostly giving up on the full cream milk as it has 13g of sugar in there. Oh and molasses has about 11g of sugar in there. On her program I enjoyed a lot of vegetables and cheeses as well as plain yoghurt. I saw that my PMS has gone down and my skin has cleared up. I am not vomiting or feeling nauseated now. Too many people end up in hospital due to an overdose of sugar. Too many people have diabetes and other cancers.

By quitting sugar I learned to love Kombucha. Kombucha is a gut loving drink which has no sugar in there.


Its very easy to see the yummy desserts on Instagram but it is harder to resist the desserts outside. I found that making your own non sugary desserts is much better. But with practice resisting sugar will be a lot easier as it doesn’t taste as nice. Trust me your taste buds will get used to the sensation.

My tips on quitting sugar

  • Swap the soft drinks and juices for water and herbal teas. We also love our aloe which we have in store or you can go to Shape up for your lunch service
  • Learn to love Kombucha
  • Learn to enjoy cacao instead of chocolate
  • Instead of chocolate cake in the afternoon, why not enjoy a piece of cheese or a can of tuna. I also love to have sushi for afternoon tea as it has all the healthy fats in there.
  • Instead of your usual morning tea cake, why not have eggs your way?
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Week 25 of Marathon Training

This week my skin looked bad and I ate too many sweet things in order to increase potassium. That is not good and as a result my skin dried out. I found out that the more potassium we as runners have the better our hydration and skin gets. Also I have quite a bit of acne.

I have sensitive skin and so I try not to use anything with alcohol in it.

The nights are getting colder as we get into winter. It is growing dark by 6:30pm. Tried out the new light this week. It was about $16 and I got this when Kathmandu had their New year sale as I knew that I would need a light in the cooler months. The light is just awesome. I clipped it around my middle and it fell off. When I clipped it a second time, it didn’t come off as I clipped it on my Fitbit around my wrist.  I can see really well with it, but it does need charging once in a while.


Ran on my first day of my period and it was not too bad except for the coughing and wheezing from all the iron being lost. Oh and the going slow parts. But in the end though according to myfitnesspal I got about 117% of my daily recommended iron needs. Most days I have been a bit on the low side. Ate a lot of fish that day which really helps too.

Ran again on the third day and it was not too bad but of course I was a bit slower. Need to work on that iron and potassium which is hard for us females. On that day my period was a lot heavier.

Ran some hills on Friday- barely survived the big hills.

The long run was just ok. I ran about 19km on a sunny Sunday around Port Melbourne and St Kilda. It was warm and I had lost a lot of potassium through my period and sweat. I was puffing. Thank god for the cross training on Wednesday or otherwise I would have lost my sanity.

Cross training this week was not too bad but not great yet.

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Woolworths late night dinner service

Healthyinternational students site got a Gift card free to the value of $10 to try stuff at Woolies. This piece is not influenced in any way.

Woolworths is open from early in the morning until late at night and they always have a lot of ready meals such as salads, pies, sushi and stuff. I have tried their salads and I love the chickpea salad from the Salad Servers which have a good amount of chickpeas and onion.


You help yourself to whatever food that you want and then you go and pay. Paying is simple really. The Woolworths that I went to has mostly self service checkouts but there are people behind the counters too if you need any help.

I have had their pies before and they are awesome. They are filling and are quite warm. The pastry is thick but not doughy. They are messy to eat with hands and I have made messes. Their thai chicken pie is good for a winters day. All the pies are $4.50 each.

Their sushi on the other hand is just ok. They are freshly made in house but they are uber expensive at $10-$15 a small plate. A roll will set you back about $3 for not much. I tried their tempura sushi rolls and they were soggy and fell apart. But at least it was cold.

They do have drinks but it is only of the sweet kind or plain water. I have plain water and I can’t have sugar. Drinks are normally $4- $6 depending on what you buy. And no they don’t do coffee or tea at nighttime. By 8pm the cafe is usually closed at Southern Cross and at Flinders. There are a few other branches in Melbourne’s CBD but they are not as big as Southern cross.

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Weight watchers by Katherine

Are you looking to lose weight this year? If so Weight watchers might be a good idea as Katherine talks about it below.


For Weight Watchers I pretended to be a 120 kg woman who does 12 min of exercise per day. I signed up for this six month program. I also pretended to be a woman who rarely eats fruits and vegetables but has chips everyday. She also has soft drinks and sweets most days.

They have a twelve month and a three month program. With the three month program you have to pay upfront. With this you’ll get meal plans and smart points. When I first used it I made a mistake. I randomly assumed points not knowing that there was a quicker way for this. When you sign up you’ll be asked a lot of questions about your weight and height.

I love how they give you all these options for Filling foods. I also love how they have all these meal ideas too.

I tried to find most of their stuff in the supermarkets in the city and it was relatively hard to find. Within the first week I bought a box of apple crumble bars and cranberry bars. They are very small but very sweet indeed.

The community there is very supportive of each other on Facebook and online. There are free meetups in the area for those that want it.

Then the following month I tried to pay by credit card and could not. I wanted to pay in store but it was hard as their online chat seemed busy and their store was often unattended. I tried contacting them on Facebook. Then they threatened cancellation because of unsuccessful payments. It used to be $33 a month but now $34!

In the end though they took my $34 and now I am a happy customer. I get lots of support online for the weight loss.

How do you feel about giving them a go?



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Febfast 2017 by Akira


Febfast is a popular challenge with people wanting to lose weight. Many choose to give up on alcohol but since I don’t drink I chose to give up sugar. And giving up is a the hardest thing to do as many things have sugar in there. We explain why you should try and limit sugar.

By that we are not saying quit sugar for good as you would need some for everyday living and breathing. But you would only need about 30-50g. You should eat fruits most days or learn to love fresh fruit. Juice has about 25-30g of sugar if you buy it from the supermarket.


Australia has the highest obesity rate in the world and if we Australians and overseas students don’t limit our sugar intake it can lead to all sorts of problems. A shop assistant might tell you, “you can have as much sugar as you want”. In reality we should not

We did it this time. The challenge is a month long one where we quit sugar for good. Here we learned love things like kombucha and other savoury items. We don’t need sugar to feel good.

Febfast is about learning to deal with temptations. In the house there are too many such as soft drinks and biscuits. In the first few days it was hard and I made a few mistakes such as having a Buono bar which has about 21g of sugar. A soft drink contains about 25-38g of sugar.


I am allowed to have fruit which has natural sugars. In order to be healthy I also had some of Shape up’s naturally good smoothies during lunch. I know that they are expensive but as a runner are worth the investment.

In a few days my skin was clearer and I loved how I had more energy to do stuff. I had more energy to run and my PMS had almost cleared up.

In the end though I wished I had learned more. But I will learn more in the next challenge which is I quit Sugar.